Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Today's workout ... and a new goal

Got another walk in today ... Had to estimate the total distance because my phone couldn't pick up a steady GPS signal.  I will never understand how that can happen when you're outside and not in a metal warehouse, but whatever.  I think I got at least 1.5 miles in today.  We'll call it good.  Tomorrow's an off day (massage ... can't wait!) then Thursday I will probably skip as well, since I will have my three-year-old with me and being pushed in the stroller is somewhat akin to root canal surgery for her.  So I'll be back in the saddle on Friday, sans Munchkin.

I plan to start the Ease Into 5K program on Monday.  It's an eight-week program designed to slowly build your jogging up until, at the end of the program, you are jogging three miles consecutively.  I'm a bit daunted by this, but I have a jogging partner--a friend who is willingly slowing her runs down to walk/jog with me--so hopefully that will push me to finish this program this time.  I plan to do our base's Turkey Trot 5K around Thanksgiving, so while I won't be finished with the program by then, my goal is to be able to jog at least two of the three miles.  Fingers crossed!

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