Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ACK! Weekly Weigh-In and a Catch-Up

So ... Hey, folks!  How ya doin'?  Did you wonder where I went?  Yeah, me too.  I forgot to post my workout for Friday, so here it is:

Completed Day Three of Ease Into 5K
Time: 26:38
Distance: 1.98mi

I followed a route with some friends who were running, and it was nice to have a change of scenery.  It was NOT nice, however, when a van decided to run through a puddle and soak my entire right side.  Classy, people--thanks.

This weekend was a down weekend for exercise, which was good because our little Munchkin got sick and is still sick today.  Sick Munchkin = no school = no "alone" exercise time for Mommy, so I am behind on starting Week 2 of my Ease Into 5K app.  I am hoping that my husband can come home a little early today, so I can maybe squeeze my run in before dinner.

I alo weighed in today, and have lost another 2.6 pounds!  That brings my total to 64 pounds lost, with 36 left to go.  If I average three pounds a week (which might be a stretch but I'm being optimistic here), that would mean that I will hit my goal weight just after the new year.  I would absolutely LOVE to reach my goal in January!  Here's hoping!

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