Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ease Into 5K: Week 3, Day 1

So, when my friend Megan told me that today's run starts off at three minutes, I was both shocked and terrified.  I mean, seriously?  I thought the 90-second runs were torture.  I thought I'd never get through that first run, much less the rest of the program for today.  And when I started, I almost psyched myself out; I began to think I was too winded, that my legs were too heavy, and that I'd never be able to finish this run.  Then I stopped that snowball and told myself to stop being such a wimp and do the best that I could.  And I'll bet you can guess what came next: yep, I finished that 3-minute run.  When the app directed me to start walking, my eyebrows raised and I said, out loud, "Hmm, not too bad I guess."  (Thank goodness the track was empty when I started--I don't need to be known as the crazy wife who talks to herself while running.)  It was still tough, but I think I was expecting it to be impossible ... and it wasn't.


I know that it's just going to get harder, but I think I learned an important lesson today: if I just push myself, I can actually surprise myself with what I'm able to do.  It's a welcome change from the defeatist attitude I've had for so long being overweight.

Workout summary:
Distance--1.75 miles

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  1. Way to go!!! :D That big jump gets me, too...and I psych myself out as well! But then I stop MY snowball by reminding myself that I don't like what I see when I look at photos of myself when I'm overweight (and, I can't lie, photos of my sisters who are both overweight and my constant drive to 1-up them...), and I make it through. Congratulations on getting through the first day of week 3! :D