Monday, November 12, 2012

YIKES ... Catching up!

I am WAY behind on posting.  We got back from Disneyland Paris, and while my running didn't fall off, my posting did!  So here's a summary of the runs I've done since we got back a week ago.

Week 4, Day 3: Wednesday, November 7
Distance--2.25 miles
This distance is an estimate; I ran on an indoor track and the GPS went all wonky on me.

Week 5, Day 1: Friday, November 9
Distance--2.32 miles
Ran this in our little village.  The uneven sidewalks hurt my knees but I'm sure it's just a matter of getting used to the change of surface.

Week 5, Day 2: Sunday, November 11
Distance--1.98 miles
Another run in our village.  It was COLD for this run--I could see frost on the ground for the majority of my run!

Week 5, Day 3: Monday, November 12
Distance--2.10 miles
Back to the track on base today.  This run was hard--started off with a nine minute run!  I was a little surprised at how my body just kind of went on auto-pilot on that long run, though.

The next run (Week 6, Day 1) will be a doozy ... two nine-minute runs.  It's gearing up for the first 20-minute run.  TWENTY MINUTES.  Hopefully my body will go into auto-pilot with that one, too!

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