Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bonjour ... voulez-vous faire le jogging??

So, I ran into a dilemma this weekend.  We had a trip planned, and our two travel days were Friday and Monday--two out of the three days I run during the week.  I had a choice: wait an entire week between runs, or take jogging stuff and do at least one run on vacation.  So, surprising even to me, I took my workout clothes and actually went for a jog on vacation.  And this is where I ran:

Photo taken by Dean Thomas at Aspex Design

It's the lake at the Disneyland Paris theme park.  Let me say that again: I RAN AT DISNEYLAND PARIS.  Dare I say it ... have I become *GASP* a runner?  I think when you make time to run when you're at a theme park in France, you can't avoid calling yourself a runner any longer.  And that's what I have been doing: avoiding labeling myself as a runner LIKE THE PLAGUE.  I think part of me is still terrified that I will fail at it somehow--stop running, or not be as good as I would like--but I also think part of me knew that if I call myself a runner, there's no turning back.  It's something that you ARE, and something that is a part of you.  And I guess I'm not afraid anymore to commit myself to that way of life.  Yes, running is hard, but it really does make me feel good after I've finished.

So, I guess I should say ... JE SUIS UNE JOGGEUSE!

Workout summary:
Time: 30:59
Distance: 2.25 miles

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  1. Way to go!!!! :D I commend you for your dedication to run! (I'd have just counted all the walking as my exercise! LOL)